Kempu Gini as Kannada Audio book Chosen from Vasudhendra books

Kempu Gini as Kannada Audio book Chosen from Vasudhendra books

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Story in Kannada: Kempu Gini The story, which is set in the Bellary neighbourhood, analyses the author’s relationship with a farm that belonged to his father.

The lad loved his farm as a child as it was full of greenery and birds, especially parrots. When the author graduates, his dad sells the land so that it may be used for his sister’s wedding, severing his only connection to the community.

The author, who is now a software engineer, returns to his hometown after 20 years. Whatever become of the farm and the birds? Enjoy this tale and place your order right away at https://kelikatheya.com/stories/kempu-gini

Vasudhendra is one of the very important and outstanding story tellers among the contemporary writers of Kannada Literature. Having contributed significantly in Kannada essays genre too, he has been encouraging the young writers through his publishing venture Chanda Prakashana. “Nammamma andre nangishta’ is his important essays collection. Maneeshe, Ugaadi, Chelu,Hampi Express are among his cardinal short stories collections. Harichitta satya is his first novel. His second novel Tejo Tungabhadra has garnered huge success. He has also translated Mithuna Short stories collection from Telugu. His story, ‘Kempu Gini’ has been chosen for this project.

Kishor is the talented Kannada actor. He has performed not only in popular Kannada films but also has played many interesting roles in Tamil. Duniya, Polladavan, Raakshasa, Kabaddi, Jatta, Ulidavaru Kandante, Adukalam are his major films. Though Kishor started his career as a Lecturer, he has transformed into an outstanding Cinema actor in Kannada film industry today. He has bagged state award for his performance in Rakshasa movie. He has narrated Vasudhendra’s Kempu Gini in this audio book of stories.

Harshavardhan Raj has worked with many accomplished music directors and is an extremely talented Key Board Player. He loves to spend most of his time pursuing music.

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