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Enjoy a Kannada story read by Dhananjaya(Daali) written by Devanooru Mahadeva. Dhananjaya(Daali) reads this story support the education of girls studying in government schools. This is the story of how the road  construction project  brings joy to the village. The road construction creates a fight between the village elders and a set of educated youngsters who want to ensure that funds meant for building the road is used well. Who the conflict is resolved forms the rest of the story. Devanoor’s highly visual sense of storytelling uses a Kannada dialect used in Chamarajanagar.
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The Music is composed by KG Srikanth.



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The Kannada Audio book is produced to support the education of girls studying in Kannada Medium schools. Actors and Authors have not charged money for this project



Writer : Devanooru Mahadeva

Devarnooru Mahadeva has been a very influential writer and thinker and he has been a wonderful navya writer. Born in 1948 at Nanjangud, he did his post graduation in MA and also edited a newspaper. He has published highly impressive collection of stories some of them include odaLala, kusma bale and others. He won the basha parishad award in 1984. We have used the story damabaru bandadu


Narrator : Dhananajya

Daali Dhananjaya is a popular Kannada Indian film and theatre actor.  After acting in a host of theater acts, he made his feature film debut in Director’s Special in 2013. Dhananjaya was born in Kalenhalli village in Arasikere, Hassan district where he studied his high school in St. Mary’s High School Arsikere and went on to do his engineering. He has already notched critical and box office approvals for several performances in Tagaru, Allama and Popcorn monkey tiger. He is endearingly referred to as “Special Star” for his appearance in Director’s Special and “Classical Star” for his theatre work and classical selection of movies. Performance in Tagaru movie made him popular in Karnataka.


Music : KG Srikanth

Shrikant chose to become a software professional though he is basically a mechanical engineer. Among his interests are solving puzzles, exploring technological trends and photography …etc. Apart from these, he has a great inclination in music composing, especially background music is his passion.

Daali Dhananjaya reads for Kannada Audio Book
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