All profits go to girls in Kannada Medium Schools

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Kelikatheya -Kannada Audio book

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Enrich the lives of girl students studying in Kannada medium schools

This project is supported by Kannada actors and authors who have not charged any money for the project. As 100% of the profits supports Kannada medium girl in border areas. So far 25 girls have been supported.
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5000 Plus Kannadigas across 4 continents love us

Kelikatheya – The Kannada audio book is supported by media.

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Celebrities support Kelikatheya

I am very happy to be associated with Keli Katheya for the past two editions. The stories are well produced and most importantly the profits go towards educating girls studying in government schools

Pallavi Arun Musician

Supporting education of girls from the border districts is a noble cause which will go a long way in nurturing Kannada language and culture. I was moved by the genuine concern and dedication of Keli Katheya team. I support them wholeheartedly in their endeavor.

vivek shanbhag
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