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Kannada short stories by kuvempu Vasista Simha reads Yaaru Ariyada Veera

Kannada short stories by kuvempu Vasista Simha reads Yaaru Ariyada Veera

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Subbana Gowda, a landlord in Malnad’s interior, is under danger from flash floods. He helps his aide Linga evacuate their family and possessions on a boat. The servant realises there is only one way to save people if the boat capsizes owing to too much weight. Which choice does the servant take?

The author of this Kannada short story is Kuvempu. This story is enjoyable for kids as well.

Prashant Pachatu created the music for Vasishta n Simha.

There is so much said about Kuvempu in Kannada.
Like Malegalalli Madumagalu most of Kuvempu’s novels were super hits. Not just Kuvempu’s stories but his poems were popular. We have selected Yaaru Ariyada veera for the kannada Audio book Kelikatheya

Kuvempu famous books in kannada “ Shree Ramayana Darshanam” won him the Gyanaapeetha Award.

Lured by acting Vasishta left his job as a software engineer and decided to enter the Kannada film industry.
He is one popular kannada film actors today.
He has lent his voice to Kannada audio book Kelikatheya.

His compositions bring out a unique blend of western influences along with a Hindustani classical flavour. Juggling along with profession and independent music projects, he is currently pursuing his Piano grades at London College of Music

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