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Yaaru Ariyada Veera – Kuvempu Story , Read by Vasista Simha

Yaaru Ariyada Veera – Kuvempu Story , Read by Vasista Simha

Yaaru Ariyada Veera – Kuvempu

Flash floods threaten a landlord Subbana Gowda in the interior parts of Malnad .  He and his servant Linga work together to evacuate their families and belongings on a boat. It occurs to the servant that the boat could capsize due to excess weight and the only one option left to save people. What option does the servant exercise ?

In this story Kuvempu wraps multiple human values written in a style that even kids will love, the story is read by  Vashistha Simha and the music is composed by Prashant Pachatu


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Author: Kuvempu

A literary giant KV Puttappa wrote under the pen name Kuvempu. Educator,story teller and poet par excellence. Born in 1904, he served as a chancellor in Mysore university.More than 60 publications under his name he earned doctorates  at Mysore, Dharwad, Karnataka and Hubli universities.  He legendary work “ Shree Ramayana Darshanam” won him the Gyanaapeetha Award. We have selected Yaaru Ariyada veera for our Kelikatheya selection


Narrator : Vashistha Simha

Lured by acting  Vasishta left his job as a software engineer and decided to enter the Kannada film industry.   His first success was as a hero in Raja Huli (2013), a remake of the Tamil film, Sundarapandian (2012).  He graduated into the tamil film industry in Alone. Know for his distinct voice and mannerisms he is considered an emerging star. He was born in Mysore.


Music : Prashanth Pachaatu

Prashanth Padaru Music Director: Prashanth is a software developer by profession. However as a classical pianist and singer, he has been associated with music for a few years now and is working on various compositions and independent projects to create a unique space for himself. His compositions bring out a unique blend of western influences along with a Hindustani classical flavour. Juggling along with profession and independent music projects, he is currently pursuing his Piano grades at London College of Music

This is a image collage of vasishta n simha,. Gyanapeetha award winner Kannada story writer Kuvemupu and Prashant pacchatu who has composed music. The Kannada short story is picked for the Kannada Audio book Kelikatheya which has a collection of Kannada stoires
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