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Kannada Audio book of Jayant Kaikini Story

Kannada Audio book of Jayant Kaikini Story

Prakash Rai reads to support Kannada Medium students

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Dagadoo Parabana Ashwameda is from the stories of Jayant Kaikin’s books. Dagadoo is the younger brother who is getting married. The older brother wishes his younger brother a great wedding. So he arranges a horse for the wedding procession But something unexpected happens to the horse and it causes many problems for both brothers. You have to listen to the story to find out what happens! It is written by famous Kannada author Jayant Kaikini who is known for his Kannada stories. The best part is that the story is read by a famous actor named Prakash Rai, so you feel right in the story! You can now download audio book from Kelikatheya.com and listen anytime.

Kaikini is regarded as one of the most significant poets to receive young poet award from academy hailing from gokarana. Literature and Cinema are his favorite fields.  He is a writer of short stories, characterised by subtle imagism, a minute documentation of the seemingly commonplaces in Mumbai, has a huge fan following and attracted readers for his sensible storylines. “rangadondishtu doora”, “bogaseyalli male”,are his popular compilations of his short stories. The sensational kannada film “mungaru male” was a musical hit and most of the songs were written by him. He also hosted popular tv show called “namaskara” where he introduced the other sides of great personalities like Kuvempu and Rajakumar.

PRAKSH RAI, is a rare gift of kannada theatre, given to the Indian cinemas. He is Exceptionally talented actor,director and a producer.he has directed “naanu nanna kanasu” and “oggarane” , and there are numerous films he has acted and has played a variety of roles.  Prakash, as an actor has won National Film Awards for   Tamil films  “Iruvar, and  “Kanchivaram”, being  a Polyglot, he has made his unique impressions in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Hindi and Maliyalam film industries. Prakash has read Jayant kaikini’s story of  “dagadoo parabana ashwamedha” for this project.

He has worked as a music director for various Plays, Cinemas and Tv shows. He has worked with renowned directors like girish kasaravalli, T S nagabharana, N S Shankar, Nataraj honnavalli, S uresh anagalli, prasanna k, and Praksh babu.  He has accompanied popular Hindustani vocalists with his harmonium. Ramakrishna was instrumental in building “ vachana band”. He has also translated a biography of siddalingayya, and a story “apaharana” of krupakar senani to English. His translations are being taught as a syllabus in renowned universities across the world.

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