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Raj B Shetty reads for a Kannada Audio Book

Raj B Shetty reads for a Kannada Audio Book

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Yashwant Vithoba Chittal's award winning story

Price: 49 only

A writer’s child asks him to include her in one of his stories. Although he agrees he finds himself at odds.

How to differentiate between fact and fiction. Does the book he writes enrich his life in any way? One of Yashwant vithoba chittal most well-known short stories, it examines the tension between the author’s real life and the fictional universe he creates.

Additionally, actor Raj Shetty reads the story , while Prashanth Pachatu sets the music.

Born in a village called honne halli in Aug 03, 1928. Yeshwant Chittal, was inspired by western philosophers, psychologists such as Freudm Edington etc.Most of his works were based out Karnataka. His collection of short stories are voluminous. He won the Kendra Sahitya academy work in 1980 for his collection of stories called Katheyadalu hudugi. We have chosen the Katheyadalu Hudugi for the  Kelikatheya story!

Raj B Shetty started as a radio jockey at Big 92.7 FM in Mangalore and went on to do theatre. But his calling was a script writer and director. His film ondu motteya kathe went on to be a surprise block buster hit and earned his reputation. An avid literature enthusiast, he enjoyed reading Katheyadalu hudugi for us

Prashanth Padaru Music Director: Prashanth is a software developer by profession. However as a classical pianist and singer, he has been associated with music for a few years now and is working on various compositions and independent projects to create a unique space for himself. His compositions bring out a unique blend of western influences along with a Hindustani classical flavour. Juggling along with profession and independent music projects, he is currently pursuing his Piano grades at London College of Music

Kannada Audio book supports girls' education in Kannada medium schools. Actors and authors donate their services.

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The Kannada Audio book is produced to support the education of girls studying in Kannada Medium schools. Actors and Authors have not charged money for this project

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